Employment Opportunities

Hello and welcome to 2PH family.

If you haven’t contacted 2PH Human Resources Department and registered your interest in employment you’ll need to do so. Please contact them on 07 4982 0715 or via email. They will then set you up with access rights to the 2PH Training Room.

If you have lost your login details you’ll also need to contact 2PH Human Resources Department and they will reset your password for you.

2PH has grown to be one of the largest citrus and grape producers in the world because of its ability to attract, train and keep great people like you.

At all times of the year we have work available and suitable to almost everybody.

To make your life easier 2PH has developed an ‘on line’ training room that you can access from any internet computer, anytime, day or night.

This convenient system is designed to present you with the training material then to test your retention of vital information through a series of multiple choice questions. More importantly for you, it will allow you to see what is involved in any job, to understand the expectations and to allow you to benchmark your results.

Now if you are a first time user, you will need to contact 2PH Farms ‘Human Resources Department’ and they will add you into the system with access rights so you can be trained and assessed for work with 2PH before you even arrive. This means that you may be able to go to work almost as soon as you arrive instead of wasting days training. You’ll also be able to sense if the position is for you, guaranteeing you more job satisfaction.

But first it’s mandatory that all new members of our team watch the induction video. You will need 30 minutes to view this video so please find a quiet time and space for the next 30 minutes. The end result is that if learn and follow our procedures, you will be safe at work and so will everyone else.