If you want sweet tasting, incredibly juicy mandarins, lemons and table grapes, that are right up there with the best in the world, it takes a little organising!

If you want sweet tasting, incredibly juicy mandarins, lemons and table grapes, that are right up there with the best in the world, it takes a little organising!

Start with water - as much pure, sweet water as required - careful placement and timing of that water to maximise the juice content and flavour of your fruit.

Add the water to deep, fertile, soil just perfect for cultivating fruit and compliment it with a superb year round growing climate.

Next, arrange to have the whole operation carefully overseen by a dedicated, family run company with a well deserved reputation for innovation, drive - and most importantly - achievement.

Put it all together and with lots of patience, you might just produce some of the best citrus fruit and table grapes in the world.

In just over three decades 2PH has grown from a small family concern into one of the largest privately owned mandarin orchards in the southern hemisphere.

2PH has achieved this remarkable growth by paying attention to detail, every step of the way.

Here, there's a real commitment to quality that you can hold in your hand, and taste in every sweet, juicy bite.

Location & Growing Advantages

Nestled just below the Tropic of Capricorn is the Queensland town of Emerald, with a population of over 13,000 people.

Emerald boasts a superb year round climate and is consequently the state's most northerly citrus growing district.

Local growers benefit from an earlier start to the season... yet still have sufficient winter chilling to initiate the all important citrus blossoms.

With extensive experience in citrus production going back to the late eighties, 2PH was quick to recognise the region's potential and now dominates citrus and grape growing in the Central Highlands district.

One of the key reasons for the region's success is the availability of water for irrigation.

2PH is strategically located on the access road to the huge Fairbairn Dam... with careful management and planning 2PH has the right amount of high quality water.

You see, Fairbairn Dam draws from a massive 15,000 square kilometre catchment area and holds a volume of water equivalent to three and a half times that of Sydney Harbour.

This incredible quantity of 'liquid gold', right on 2PH's doorstep makes it the very best watered citrus orchard in Australia.

And there's no argument amongst citrus growers, orchardists, or for that matter fruit lovers - water equals juice - and juice means flavour.

However, 2PH recognises that water in Australia, the world's driest continent, is a finite resource that requires careful stewardship.

In line with its policy of careful water management, 2PH has moved to the most efficient irrigation technology available... Drip irrigation.

Nowadays the irrigation system delivers just the right amount of water to precisely where it's needed... right at the base of each tree... and each vine.

And when you combine the cleanest water with deep, well-drained soils, plus a workforce committed to clean, green horticulture, the results are simply delicious!

The best tasting, absolutely juiciest premium mandarins, lemons and table grapes to be found.

The Company

With over 1,400 acres under citrus... 300,000 productive citrus trees, and an incredible 550 acres under table grapes - all of which must be harvested by hand- 2PH relies on hard working staff and forward thinking, dedicated management. As a family owned and operated company, 2PH takes pride in its stable management practices and strong, clear lines of communication.

It's also easy to understand why 2PH is here for the long haul, because the ultimate beneficiaries of continued growth will be the next generation of the 2PH family.

Like any successful family company, 2PH capitalises on its strengths:

friendly, personalised customer service, individual accountability... and hands on management that takes the time to listen.

Yes the buck stops here because the people you're talking to are the decision makers.

If you have questions, these are the people who will answer them.

If there's a problem these are the people who will fix it - and if you have a challenge they're the ones who will meet it.

Research & Development

To maintain an advantage in a highly competitive marketplace, 2PH recognises the necessity of ongoing research and development.

To this end, the company has established an in-house R & D programme with over 10 hectares devoted to the development and cultivation of new types of mandarins.

They have developed new varieties with more colour, less seeds, and of course... better taste.

In a move that will have positive outcomes for the entire Australian citrus industry, 2PH has available their very own, virtually seedless murcott mandarin for both the Australian market and the valuable European market.

In fact, their released Eureka Seedless Lemon is proving to be a hit almost everywhere in Australia.